Does your house make a good first impression?

Front Yard Makeover Tips
When you go over to someone’s house, what is the first thing that you see? The front yard. Even for people driving down your street, whether neighbors, arriving guests, or potential buyers, the look of your front yard makes an indelible first impression.

Renovating your front yard can give your entire property a facelift, without making a single change to the house itself. In fact, a well designed- front yard can fairly cheaply and easily bring out the natural beauty of your home. With proper planning, a it can even save you money and valuable time in watering and maintenance!

Plant drought resistant plants.
A little research or conversation at your home supply store will tell you about different varieties of grasses, like buffalo or blue grama, or native perennials and shrubs that will make your lawn look great and don’t require much water.

Break up the space with stone pavers or concrete pads.
Well-placed pavers or pads can provide visual appeal with patterns and colors that match your home, as well as cutting down on the amount of grass you need to mow.

Make it inviting!
Your front yard can be a great place to hang out with friends and family. Creating a patio with stone pavers or other surfaces that are easy to walk on and keep clean with some comfortable lawn furniture can make a space that will lead to hours of enjoyment in front of your home. Also cutting down on overgrown shrubs or other uninviting plants can open up the space to welcome your guests.

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